Quest of the Archemage

Tales from the back of a wolf (4)

It has been a busy few days since we left Santa Cora on our ship. I played a series of pranks on my team members, stealing their armor and even dyeing the dwarf’s beard pink. It went as well as could be expected I suppose. It all went downhill however when we arrived in New port.

Stone was really nervous, refusing to even leave the ship, which should have been a clue, but I just took it to mean that this was where she was arrested. However we managed to get her to leave the ship and went to look around town for information on our next target. The search was fruitless but the trip was far from boring, we were ambushed by a group who was demanding that we hand over Stone, because she had a price on her head.
Well we managed to win the battle, but not before Stone had taken off using an ox cart. I captured one of the group for questioning, and the Human and dwarf took her to an Inn while I tracked down the drow. I found her, and managed to get her to come with me by hiding her in a cloak.

Once we reached the Inn we found a pleasant surprise, the old Captain of the ship we chartered was in the tavern, and he helpfully informed me that the Drow was wanted for betraying the biggest drug lord in town, way to go Stone, way to go.

I then went up to the room, wondering why the Inn keeper was surprised that I called the female a prisoner, it makes me wonder what the boys said to him. Either way Galad left to get something when I arrived, and we started questioning the female, it was productive, especially after Arvic used his beard.

With the information gained we made a decision to use Stone as bait for information, and who better to send it than a captain turned drug runner down stairs. We chose a location on the edge of town to exchange the facts that yes, we really can deliver the goods and left a note so they knew where to find us. Honestly this is really starting to feel like my day job.
All went well, and another meet up was made, which we went to, swapping stone for the prisoner. It went well enough, though I had a bad feeling about following the damn kobold to the runes. I was right to as we walked right into an ambush. Yep this is my day job again, except I am not getting payed for it, lovely.

We managed to survive and even captured the kobold, which Galad tied to his shield, and went on to the fortress, though we had a bit of trouble getting through the gate, until we promised to keep the one eye away from the city. On the path a messenger, came to us, bearing experimental medication, but the Archemage had forgotten to pay, there will be words for him later.

The compound came into sight, and before we could stop him, Arvic walked right up to the gate, and, I swear on the Prince, managed to con his way into the fort and even make a friend. I have never been more proud. He tried to lure a few of the guards out of the gate, though it did not work without the help of my magic, I wonder when the human is going to figure out the random sounds and smell are me.

Now however we are waiting for night to fall and find a way inside and to the crystal. I wonder what else can go wrong?



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