The gnome who is allergic to magic


A Gnome with allergies to any kind of magic, she was unable to stay in her home due to her pet, and a unwillingness to stay around magic.

Icon Relationships
Prince of Shadow +2
Archemage +/- 1

Animal Raising +3
Con-artist +2
Architecture +3

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An outcast in her home due to her inability to be around magic, she was often pushed off to do the odd jobs that took her away from her tricks loving people. Though Belladonna shared her family’s love of a good trick, she rarely had a chance to exercise it, except when she helped the master builders with their jobs, and would put in secret passages and trap doors into the structures.

It was after one of the master builders fell prey to one of her traps that Belladonna was sent to work with livestock. Working long days away from people watching over the animals gave her a keen sense of her environment, as well as plenty of time to learn to work a bow.

It was late one night when the heard startled, and started a stampede, which was soon contained, but not before destroying a wolf’s den. it was here when Belladonna met Lucky the wolf pup. Though Belladonna at first tried to get lucky to return to her pack, the pup refused and kept following her home, and soon found a place in it.

While the Belladonna and Lucky had a great bond, Lucky did not stay small forever, and soon grew to large to fit into the tunnels so the pair struck out, trying to find a place where a magic allergic gnome and a great wolf can be accepted. Until they find this place, the pair make a living by hunting down fugitives and run away kids, and existing off of pizza and pinecones.


Quest of the Archemage Dusk