Icon Relationships:
Great Golden Wyvern +1 positive
Priestess +1 positive
The three -1

Class Feature: Smite evil

Hell-hole Commando +3
Experienced Tactician +3
Aristocratic Upbringing +2

One Unique Thing: Doesn’t understand sexual innuendos.

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His dad was a high-ranking officer and a paragon of virtue and awesomeness and stuff. Then he was betrayed when Galad was 16. Galad escaped assassination but his father’s character didn’t. He waited a year or two before joining the military at the soldier level and worked his way up the ranks and really impressed the socks off of some people. Then he discovered that corruption was spreading throughout the highest offices of command, so his quest for peace, justice, and harmony, he had to resign from the service and go adventuring on his own to fulfill his mission under his own banner.


Quest of the Archemage phatass416