Quest of the Archemage

Tales from the back of a wolf (3)

In which good intentions set sail.

Night of day 7

Free! Free! We are free at last. Out of those accursed tunnels and back into fresh air. Tonight was, fun. We left behind the tunnels of Santa Cora for a festival with an unknown origin. Some of the party wanted to join in the celebrations, but the Dwarf put an end to that by using brain power I was not sure he had. He pulled aside one of the citizens and questioned him, revealing that the festival was for the cleansing of the ship we brought in, cleansing by fire. Then the dwarf acted as I expected him to, with anger and violence. He then ran off in the direction of the harbor. After this we split, Galad to speak to the Priestess, and the Drow with myself and Lucky to deal with Arvic.

I am not sure if what happened next was what the human had in mind really. We found the dwarf staring over the crowd to the ship that was guarded by a group of the city’s guards, and no plan that we could see. At first I wanted to see if we could reason with them, but there is no reasoning with zealots. So we started to plan a heist. The Drow noticed an unattended Oxen and offered to use it as a distraction, while the dwarf wanted to start a fight. I myself was divided, I could use my magic at a cost to myself to create a distraction, but then these party members of mine would know I can do magic, and that would be a pain.

Before I could make up my mind however the dwarf grew impatient and started through the sea of people, swinging left and right trying to get to the guards. Pushed to action, I sent the Drow to cause her distraction. After they both were out of range, I used my illusion to make it seem as if a building a few streets over had exploded, leaving me both tired and sneezing. However it did the trick, and four of the guards left to investigate.

The last two were swept into the mayhem that Arvic’s actions had caused. That job was only made harder by the rampaging Oxen that oddly enough had a bright red hand print on its hindquarters. I suppose this was the Drow’s plan. Lucky and I followed the path this beast left behind, and took up guard positions at the ship, ready just in case. The dwarf tried to climb a rope, but fell in and had to swim to the hull instead, but once up there severed all the ropes but one, making my job much easier.

It was just as the last rope was falling into the water, creating a large splash that a horrid creature appeared in front of me. She was a cat folk, and was annoying like most cats are. She demanded to be allowed to board our ship claiming she was a “scholar” and it had invaluable information. Yeah right scholar, she is just a scavenger looking for relics of a time long past. However she did say Galad had sent her, and even if it was unlikely to be true I did not want a chance of another lecture. That man is long winded enough.

So she boarded the ship, and she and Arvic had some kind of exchange, but I did not hear what as the other guards came back. It took them a moment to notice me, but thankfully the Drow got back to us in that time, though she was as high as a dragon on a thermal. However she made it to the ship ok, after taking a quick swim. The guards tried to corner me after this, as the mob had finally settled. I loathed to get on the ship and leave Lucky, but we had no choice. Calling up an old standby we have made for this moment Lucky and I split, she distracting the guards before running away and I set out for the ship cutting the rope from the shore before jumping into the water. I only hoped Lucky thought to find the human before meeting us at the river.

Though it seems my fears are unwarranted, for they appeared just as the sun rose over the horizon, and once again our band of unwanted characters was back together. There was talking, and oddly enough the human wasn’t even mad at us, though I do not see why. The cat folk will be an issue however, she keeps arguing with Arvic, and even called him the “Master of the Mine” I have a feeling I should know what that means, but it escapes me. Ah well we are on our way to the next town and she will be gone soon. Now it is time to sleep, and maybe tomorrow we will see how well this band reacts to a little mischief.



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