Oh wow look at that everyone we have reached Level 3 today. With this new level this marks the time when everyone will now have some substantial new abilities to contribute. But our next adventure will be a little bit delayed. with school starting up and everyone needing to prepeare for that we need to schedule some new times and possibly put our little adventure on the “every other week basis” we originally had. so for now we are on a brief hiatus.

On the bright side most people already seem to be fine with having our sessions on Tuesdays (I think its we started doing this on Sundays and moved to Mondays and now possibly Tuesdays) I’m about to contact the rest of you about that and see how that looks for you.

But with this short hiatus we will all have some time to level up our characters and give me an opportunity to plan some future shit. See you guys later

Quest of the Archemage

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