Level 1
STR: Punchout’s Mike Tyson
CON: It is widely theorized that this man is incapable of saying “ouch”
AGI: Occasionally seen running
INT: Mind of that guy at your work who sometimes knows how to fix the receipt printer
WIL: 450 lbs jogger
CHA: Charm of a dirty sock

Noble upbringing +2
Bandit +1
Survivalist +2
Direwoods Game Warden +2


A known drunk, pugilist, racist, kleptomaniac, and megalomaniac, and enemy of the public.

The dwarf is secretive about his past. It is known, for unknown reasons, that Arvic an indentured servant to the archmage.

Character Relations
Archmage – Arvic is terrified of the Archmage, though he makes attempts to hide it, some of which are convincing. While he resents the Archmage for his loss of liberty, his fear prevents that resentment from turning to violence as it might normally. Perhaps given a bit of power that might change.
Dwarf King – While Arvic has yet to mention anything about his relation to the Dwarf King, he reacts visibly to the name when he hears it in some other conversation.
The Priestess – Arvic has not ever met the priestess as he elected to try and get drunk instead. She has however, attempted to burn his ship and earned the undying hatred of the dwarf. Likewise, the Priestess likely would burn Arvic to a crisp on sight after learning of the many concussions and black eyes given to many of her towns folk, all by a very particularly stinky, angry, and ragged looking dwarf.
Cat Person (Name Pending) – Arvic has a strong distrust for this strange creature, not at the least helped by the fact that she claims to know him from his life he has long since left behind. Unlike his party members that he sees as annoyances, he sees (cat person) as a serious threat and may commit to unsavory actions if given the opportunity.

Arvic likes nobody in the party though his degree of tolerance towards each member of the party is as follows from most tolerable to least.

The Cat – By far the most tolerable member of the party.
Lucky the Wolf – Would win out over the cat if he would stop drooling and licking his own butt
Belladona – Although he hates gnomes more than humans, Belladona has similar ‘hobbies’ as him.
Galad – The noble Galad is a professional buzz kill to Arvic burdening him with baggage like ‘morals’ and ‘rules’.
Kit – Arvic thinks that wood elves are a bunch of stinky tree huggers and are in the way of progress of dwarfly things like industry and mining. Arvic has developed a psychological disorder that causes him to want to burn down forests when he thinks of wood elves.
Stone – Drow elves are the mortal enemies of the Dwarven race. The only thing stopping Arvic from attacking Stone is the Archmage’s magic, Galad’s hammer, and his irrational fear that Drow elves might have acidic blood.


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