Quest of the Archemage

The Legend of Arvic P2

The Story that is Absolutely Totally True

233 days since I started keeping track of things again

Today a mighty pirate ship was spotted in the waters, except the pirates were dead, and they weren’t really pirates. The paladin human, gnome, and everyone else shrieked in terror and ran below deck to hide leaving me alone to fight the dark servants of that one guy. Luckily I was able to incinerate half of them with using a new magic spell I invented. The other half I defeated with my spear using my signature whirlwind attack.

Afterwards, I convinced my useless servants to stop hiding in barrels and go explore the ship of the skeletal sea men wherein I discovered some worthless humans that were being sent to the necropolis for obvious reasons. They hailed me as their god and savior and begged me to take them as my servants but I made them climb aboard the ship with the pizza guy who GAVE me a crate of pizza as an offering. I ordered my cowardly servants to crew the ship as I got some much deserved rest in the quarter’s of the deceased captain.



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