Quest of the Archemage

Tales from the back of a wolf

crypt part 2

Day 6: hours in the catacombs 6

So we decided to take the quickest route to our goal, which let us to the Kobold’s meeting room. The Dwarf was reckless and rushed the three beast, he managed to knock one on to the table however. During the fight the Drow was badly hurt, and at one point even passed out after she stepped into the flight path of one of my arrows.

After the battle we explored a bit more, we found a room with a pit, but with no rope we could not get to it and thus left it alone. As we continued forward the dwarf found a treasure chest that had traps around it, he used the bodies of the slain kobold’s to test the traps, which were quite impressive.

The dwarf eventually gave up, after his door was slashed in half and it was then that I couldn’t resist, I had to see if the trap master really were good. I used a door to bypass the pressure plated on the bottom step and approached the chest, as I did flames surrounded it, as I had nothing to put them out with, I decided to leave it alone. After all, I only wanted to show the dwarf that it was possible to get to the chest.

As we continued on the dwarf noticed some tiles were odd in a room, and he took his weapon to the floor, which after a few hits caved in. He climbed down the pit and found a treasure chest which he then tried to lie to me about the contents of, really now the dwarf has nothing on my family or myself for that matter.

We pushed on an on, and as we did my head kept getting worse, eventually lucky had to pick me up so I could even go with the party. I really hate magic, I will be useless soon. I see there is a big door ahead of us, and it looks like the party has stopped here to make a plan, I have a feeling that whatever we are looking for, it is behind those doors, and I know I want to be as far from here as possible.


“stepped in front of the path of my arrow”

You mean your bad aim nearly got her killed lol

Tales from the back of a wolf

I do not have bad aim, only people who are standing in the wrong place.

Tales from the back of a wolf

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