Quest of the Archemage

Tales from the back of a Wolf

First Rune

It is six days into our journey and finally we are off that infernal boat and I feel well enough to write.

This morning started oddly, when the human called a meeting. Really is it not bad enough that we are forced to work together, but to call a meeting? Anyway he was angry about the attempted, appropriation, of supplies. Though it seems he did not realize I was also a part of it. At the end of the meeting he asked me to inform him whenever I saw one of the other members of our unmerry band doing something unlawful or that would cause trouble. Hm it seems he is under the idea that I am trustworthy, this will be to easy, and really what is unlawful anyway?

The port coming into view broke up this gathering of great minds, and its distraction it provided means that the paladin missed my and Lucky’s laughter. Thankfully the paladin had enough sense to take down the lynch kings flag, so we were not shot on site. However the docks were not bare, we were met with a wave of white clad solders. Come to find out they were the guard to the Priestess and decided to take our hard won boat. Ah well you win some you lose some

Two of the saddest guards I have ever seen were set to guide us to our meeting and the dwarf just slipped away, ah well there is not much trouble he could get into in this city, innless he happens to run into a few of the, ah packages, I have delivered here in the past. Being escorted like prisoners caused Lucky to get cranky, not that I blame her, only fools and it seems our so called leader like being herded like sheep. Though I am not sure they are not one in the same, he asked if his hair looked ok, his HAIR. What is this a beauty pageant?

The Priestess, how do I put into words how much that meeting both infuriated and intrigued me? She did not seem to think we were worthy of doing this task the arch mage had set us, but what she let slip was even more interesting. The Archamage turned down her team in favor of us, which makes me wonder why. Does he have plans that include our team, or is this a setup, after all no one in party, bar the human is a friend to that man. We also learned that we need stone to place the runes, go figure, at least we now have a reason for the presence of the infernal magic user. She is lucky I didn’t ley Lucky bit her after her suggestion of using me as a magic detector. As we left we found the dwarf waiting for us outside the doors, apparently the way to get him to come back is to be sure there is nothing alcoholic around.

After a shopping trip for supplies, in which the paladin, no Galad, showed that he does know how to use his brain and soap was bought we headed into the catacombs. Back underground, a place that Lucky and I hate, well at least it is not tunnels. No it is hallways, hallways everywhere and nay a sign in sight. As much as I hate to say it, my allergies came in handy in leading us in the right direction. It took a while but we finally found a door, with tombs, which the dwarf convinced the others not to touch, hm he may not be so bad after all, and his stench is helping Lucky train to find faint traces of scents over any smell.

Finally we came upon a room with beasts, kobolds, what annoying pest they are. After an explosive fight we looted the room. I know the dwarf found some kind of scroll, though not what, and I myself found potions and gold. In the next room, we managed to capture and integrate another of those scaly menaces, and found out that there are 3 more of his kind ahead towards the quickest path to the statue, but there is another path as well. We, deciding that we can’t risk bringing the kobold with us, nor with leaving him behind decided to, eliminate the problem he presented. I do wish Galad waited until Lucky had moved, blood is so hard to wash out of fur. It is in this room that we are resting now, while we decide on which path to take.



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