Quest of the Archemage

Captain's Blog: Second Entry

The Santa Cora Mission (part 1)

We arrived at the port of Santa Cora and were welcomed by a swarm of city guards and curious civilians. The guards were surprised to see such a motley group as us come off a ship once belonging to the wretched Lich King. The no-longer prisoners were incredibly happy to land in a city of such benevolence. After I spoke to the guards on behalf of my team about our mission, they lead us to the palace to give us audience with the beloved Priestess. Fortune clearly was smiling on me and my team, for my hair was looking fabulous for the occasion!
Her magnificent Holiness was most helpful in giving us the details of our mission in her wonderful city; rather, UNDERNEATH her wonderful city. Yes, the first rune must be carved deep in the catacombs of Santa Cora. Based on what we know about them, we went ahead and bought some supplies. I bought a brick of soap, as I predict I will be most glad for having it when I finally go down. Besides that, we have food and water rations, and rope.

We are about to enter the catacombs, so I will continue write more later on.



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