Quest of the Archemage

Captain's Blog: First Entry

To Santa Cora!

Day 1
Today has been an interesting day. The Archmage has summoned myself and 4 other unique individuals for a mission. We are to travel to Santa Cora to meet The Priestess, and receive further instruction from her on where to carve a specific rune.
Our team, assembled by the Archmage one of the Archmage’s assistants, is quite a colorful one.
Besides myself, a seasoned fighter for the Light, I am also companion to…

  • a gnome ranger whose allergy to magic is almost debilitating, and her pet wolf “Lucky”;
  • a brutish dwarf who, if he embraced practices of basic hygiene like he does alcohol, he’d be far more pleasant to be around;
  • a modest cleric;
  • and finally, an Elven sorceress with a history of delinquency and substance abuse.

Each of us have been promised unique rewards for completing this mission: honor and glory, allergy pills, debts waived, gold, and a clean slate.
The last I have been charged with a secondary mission most altruistic: I have been entrusted to see to it that the misguided Elven lady stays out of trouble, to which I will see to whole-heartedly.

We found a ship on which I was able to afford us passage at a discount, so long as we provided the ship and her crew protection on the voyage. In the process, we discovered that Lucky really enjoys pizza.

Before we could leave, I had to track down the dwarf of our group, and I found him in one of the local taverns, stumbling drunk, and having been making inappropriate comments to the tavern maids, so I took him to the fountain and dipped him in the cold water to sober him up and ameliorate his stench. (I’m probably going to invest in a block of soap in the near future) We set sail that same day around 1800 hours.

Day 2
Today we discovered some illegal substances on the ship. Much to the disappointment of the recovering sorceress who tracked it down and tried to take it for herself (and of the captain whom I later found out was the owner of it), I dumped the pixie dust over the side of the boat. It seems I will need to give more attention to keeping the young Elf lady out of trouble. That is just what I will do.

Day 3
Today has been largely uneventful. I met a member of the ships crew who could perform 2-finger push-ups, which was impressive, but that’s pretty much it. we were attacked by a privateer ship of the Lich King tonight. They managed to ram into our ship and proceeded to board us. We managed to fight them off. The abominations which weren’t knocked over the side of the ship by myself or the dwarf were either mauled by Lucky or incinerated by Stone (the elf sorceress). We even proceeded to commandeer the offending ship and free the still alive prisoners on board, so now we have our own ship the rest of the way. The transition would’ve gone quite smoothly if several team members hadn’t tried to steal some of the edible cargo from the ship under our protection. Luckily the captain still allowed us to part with enough days ration for us and our rescued hostages.
However there’s still the problem that my teammates cannot seem to see virtue as its own reward, so I’m probably going to have to personally address that in the very near future by drafting a code of behaviour (no drugs, no stealing, no inappropriate remarks about any woman’s anatomy) and think of some clever way of enforcing it. Either way, it’s been a long night and I’m about to get some sleep.

Day 4
Today has been a good day. The former prisoners are looking healthier since they’ve had the chance to eat more properly and escape the holding cells. Tomorrow we should reach the ports of Santa Cora. I’ll go ahead and take down the Lich King flag after this entry and then go to bed.



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