Quest of the Archemage

Arvic's Quest for Justice P3

#1 for a F*king Reason

We I have arrived at Santa Cora by the ship I had liberated from the Lich King’s raiders. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a band of trumpeters and four platoon of paladins GALAD’S THE HUMAN’S WORTHLESS FRIENDS. As I walked to the great Cathedral, I had to push my way through the crowds anxious to see me in my glory. Upon entry into the doors of the Cathedral, the Priestess threw herself at my feet begging for my aid. Apparently, the sewers of the city have been overrun by creatures of the dark, no doubt summoned there by the Diabolist to undermine her reign. Every night, innocent citizens humans are taken from their homes by the various demons that dwell below and taken to be sacrificed to their blood god. When the priestess asked me what they were planning, I told her that they are using the souls of the sacrificed to power some sort of blood ritual in the sewers below that would cause a great misfortune to befall the city. Unfortunately for them, they did not count on the priestess having a legendary hero as her champion. I donned my armor, grabbed my spear, and gathered my servants as I will need people to carry my treasure back once I crush the great darkness below and take their many ill gotten gains. As I was leaving, the priestess called to me. She presented to me a magical axe that was proven to banish normally immortal demons from our plane of existence. While I assured that I could easily dismember any immortals I encountered below, leaving them harmless, she insisted that I use it. Legendary axe in hand and with my servants cowering behind me, I descended into the cold catacombs of Santa Cora.



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