Quest of the Archemage

Arvic's Adventure Log

Events that definitely happened

231 days since I started keeping time again (spring?)

I was saving the animals of the forest from dragon elf wizards when one of the Archmage’s servants slaves humans came and told me that the Archmage was in dire need of my help. I mounted onto my tamed unicorn, riding towards the tower of the Archmage. I rode through the gates of the city upon my magic horse and climbed to the top of the tower. The Archmage’s emissary was so impressed by my epic feat of strength that he gave me a bunch of gold. The emissary said I had to go save the world. I selflessly accepted. While I needed no help in this quest, the emissary human said that the archmage insisted that I have some servants to assist me along my journey.

The first of our group is a weak little gnome. In my experience in the underground, gnomes are only good for two things – shoving them into narrow tunnels, or throwing them across bottomless pits. Thus I anticipate our relationship will involve much shoving and throwing.

The second is a human paladin. He is unbelievably stupid and superstitious. He claims that pizza is evil and eating it is a sin against the gods. His only redeeming feature is that he is not a gnome.

We also have 4 animals accompanying us. The wolf and the cat are fine but the other two look sick and I intend to bury them in the first ditch I come across.

After leaving the archmage’s tower to start our quest I order the human and the gnome to search for a ship to take us to our first destination while I search for provisions. While in the tavern I encountered an enormously large she-ogre. She became hostile after I refused to buy her a drink and I was forced to slay her with my bear hands. The human rushed through the door at the last moment to see me stand victorious. He was probably scared and hiding outside the whole time. The human informed me that my ship was waiting in the harbor and we departed.



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